AfWITrade success story



AfWITrade success story

Partnership WIPO and AfWITrade members

Zimbabwean Entrepreneur Transforms Her Agribusiness Through WIPO's IP Initiatives

Perseverance recalls her journey taking a significant turn when she participated in WIPO's regional IP conference in Kigali, Rwanda, from May 15 to 17, 2023. It was there that she recognized the potential of intellectual property (IP) to enhance the value of her products and drive business growth. Following three days of immersive practical sessions on IP, Perseverance, among 30 women selected chosen from 120 participants, embarked on a follow-up coaching and mentoring project by WIPO. The project aimed to support them in optimizing the performance of their agribusiness SMEs and achieve business goals using the IP system. In a short span, Perseverance witnessed transformative progress, particularly in branding, product development, and utilizing IP for effective marketing.

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