AWT Membership


AWT will be introducing membership as from 1st March 2021.

All the amount received will be used to pay for AWT Administration and running cost of the organization. We believe in sustainability and solving our own problems.





AWT Membership

49€ Lifetime 

PS: Exsisting members untill 1st March 2021 are exempted



AWT Country Membership

199 € Yearly 


AWT Global Membership

299 € Yearly 

Access to AWT Social networks iand Apps ie FB, Telegram, LinkedIn,Whatsapp,Social Africa 

Access to AWT Website Platform network and a page to market your produscts and services.

You will aso receive support to finance yourstart-up bussiness 

Access to Country of resident Network country representatives will support and guide your  busineeses to trade in other country in the continitent under AfCFTA

 Access to Global Markets and networks. Together with Country representative who will be working together wit you to make sure your product is ready for Global markts and well as any finicial support 

 Invitation to some of the AWT Monthly webinars

Receive daily Newsletter with all AWT updates . Invitation to all AWT Webinars

Your products/ Services will be featured on AWT newsletter, AWT Magaine and Other Platforms

Your products/ Services will be featured one time on AWT/ AWE  newsletter , AWT Magazine and Other partner networks


Access to AWT Social networks and Apps ie FB, Telegram, LinkedIn,Whatsapp,Social Africa 

Products presentation during Monthly Webinars

FREE Interview on AWT /AWE weekly live interview as the main guest speaker 


 Discounts on Events exhibitions stands, online and offline AWT Events and partner Events

Discounts on Events exhibitions stands, online and offline AWT Events and partner Events




One year Opportunity to share your promotion on all social platforms as Admin without Approval these includes WhatsApp, telegram, Facebook group




  Market Access to Europe, USA, UAE, Asia markets




 Partnership Opportunites 






*AWT ( Africa Women in Trade )

*AWE ( African Women in Europe)

Other ways of marketing your business on AWT visit AWT ADVERT FORM HERE

or Email us 

  • 1:1 interview on Live interview to market your products. 50 Euro
  • Advertising on Newsletter for 3 months 50 Euro
  • Advertising on website and social media platforms per month 50 Euro
  • Carrying research on AWT platform for your business 500 Euro 
  • 1:1 meeting for 1 hour with the AWT & AWE CEO for partnership, collaboration opportunities and connection to investors. 150 Euro

 Process of becoming AWT Lifetime member 

1. GO to SIGN UP . It on the top right far corner 

2. Please add details and confirm

3. Admin will confirm your application and you will be approved

4. After approval an email will be sent to you confirming your membership.

5. Visit the website and you will be promted to pay for lifetime membership 

6. Pay using the option provided once the system confirms your payment you will be able to access the website and see all details  

7. Work on your profile make friends and start discussions 

8. You are NOW AWT MEMBER Welcome :)


Process of becoming AWT Country or Global member

1. Once you are AWT memebr you can now join AWT Country group 

2. As soon as you request to join you will be promtted to pay for group membership 

click on links below 

Join AWT COuntry Group

Join AWT Globla Group


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